Art commissions

Whether acrylic painting, mixed media, ink or drawing, Kristin Bonn offers commissioned painting and individual art paintings to her customers.

Painting types

Services offered

You want a painting that depicts your ideas or beloved scenarios or settings you cherish. As a special gift for you or someone important to you. Painting inspired by a photo or according to your ideas and specifications painted individually.
You are looking for a painting that is specifically tailored to your setting in color, style and object.
Painting to match the wall and room design. For individuals, companies and interior decorators.
You want to make a professional, private or sporting success imperishable. You want to get inspiration from a self-portrait in a successful future or a memory of a loved one or pet.

Painting types

Services offered

Acrylic painting

In acrylic painting you can paint with a coarse style forming a characteristic surface as well as in a smooth or a delicate manner. Depending on the desired style, realistic or abstract and moving results with a relief-like structure can be achieved. Painting grounds for acrylic pictures are canvas, wood or wrapping paper: Depending on the desired style, realistic or abstract and moving results with a relief-like structure can be created. Painting surfaces for: Acrylic , wood or wrapping paper:

  • Paint is applied with a spatula or brush
  • Painting surface pretreated with acrylic paste:


Mixed media on canvas, wood, paper:

Painting ground: Addition of sand to achieve a coarse surface.

Painting medium:  mixing in crayon, depending on the object also lightening coloured pencils and or ink. This is especially recommended for more abstract subjects or backgrounds.

Drawings on paper: Often the combination with coloured pencils to give accents or colour to the black and white drawing.

Kristin Bonn uses other mixing techniques (watercolour, crayon, charcoal, coloured pencil, ink, wax) on paper to create surprising effects.


Drawing on paper

  • Pen & Ink with Rapidograph. Suitable for drawings of graphic subjects (e.g. architecture), but also to achieve sharp-contoured results
  • With light resistant ballpoint pen, for more playful work
  • With pencil or coloured pencil

So funktioniert's

How does commissioning paintings work?

Submit your information

Send information about your idea, specifications, existing images or photos.

Confirming provided information and establishing of contact

Kristin Bonn is checking provided information and will contact you for additional information. 

Start of commissioned painting

Your new picture will be painted according to wishes and agreements. 

Interim agreements / previews by email

For the best results, you will be informed of the commission's current status by email, WhatsApp or Instagram.

Payment / delivery of your artwork

After the painting is finished, the invoice will be issued. The handover / shipping will be discussed individually.

The artwork in your hands!

Your new painting by Kristin Bonn according to your wishes is in your hands. 


Request a painting

    Send your inquiry via the form or send an e-mail.


    Upload photo

    Query story, if necessary telephone call / meeting

    Video or photos of the surroundings




    über den Autor

    Kristin Bonn


    Kristin Bonn

    Kristin's style is based on a combination of abstract and realistic, sometimes surreal elements. She works in multiple techniques, including painting, drawing and sculpting. Based on over 20 years of experience in commissioned painting for private and corporate customers, she has made a name for herself in the art scene.

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    neueste Bewertungen


    Jochen Wurmbach
    16. April 2020

    Vielen Dank für das wunderbare Bild. Das Werk entspricht in allen Punkten unseren Erwartungen. Es wird uns immer an eine schöne Zeit erinnern.
    Die Abwicklung war unkompliziert, eine termingerechte Lieferung, gerne wieder.

    Barbara Thanner
    16. April 2020

    Was für ein geiles, emotionales Geschenk von meinem Mann! Danke an Kristin Bonn die meine damaligen Gefühle 1:1 auf die Leinwand geschafft hat. A Moment like this…

    Phil P.
    15. March 2020

    Das Bild von meinem Kater „Oscar“ übertrifft meine Erwartungen! Kristin hat den Kater, vom Foto inspiriert, realistisch getroffen, es wirkt natürlich und authentisch! Besonders hervorheben möchte ich die unkomplizierte Korrespondenz zum Auftrag und die schnelle Lieferung. Nochmal vielen Dank, die ganze Familie hat Freude an diesem tollen Bild!

    Andi Pürzel, Das Gym
    15. March 2020

    Neben ihren ausgezeichneten künstlerischen Fähigkeiten, zeichnet sich Christine vor allem durch ihre Tiefgründigkeit bei der Auswahl der Motive aus. Für unser Gym haben wir ein riesiges Motiv aus dem Film “Rocky” anfertigen lassen. Ursprünglich hatten wir einfach ein Bild gewählt, welches uns gefällt. Christine hat uns auf die Wichtigkeit einer Geschichte – die Tiefgründigkeit – hinter dem Bild hingewiesen. Erst dieser essentielle Hinweis hat uns einerseits die richtige Auswahl ermöglicht und andererseits Christine die notwendige Bedeutung und den Spirit geliefert, welche ihre Arbeit einzigartig macht.
    Stimmung, Farbauswahl und Aura hätten nicht besser sein können. Wenn du etwas wirklich Besonderes möchtest, etwas, das eine Geschichte erzählt, bist du hier 100% richtig.

    Helpful Information

    Frequently asked questions

    The picture can be shipped on request.
    The customer may hire a courier service to deliver the painting. For intercontinental shipping,
    we are available for information and advice.

    The duration depends on the scope of work, but is discussed directly at the beginning. The average processing time is between 2 and 8 weeks, depending on the order situation. Orders are usually processed in accordance with the receipt. In the case of time-sensitive work, an express service is possible by arrangement. 

    There are no flat rates. To calculate the costs, workload, material costs, size, medium and technique are taken into account. 

    → Up to 200x300cm, divided in two on a wooden panel
    → Acrylic portraits not less than 50x70cm

    Canvases are made to customer specifications. Depending on the size, deeper stretcher frames are recommended.
    → Very large orders are made on wooden panels
    that can be bifurcated for transportation and reassembled on site.

    Due to the close cooperation with the customer, it has never happened that a picture did not please the customer in the end.
    However, if this should be the case contrary to expectations, the customer does not need to buy the artwork.
    However, material costs will not be reimbursed.

    In the case of more expensive works of art, the material costs must be paid in advance.
    The agreed purchase price is due after completion of the order painting.